Flooring Manufacturer

The primary advantages of your press for us are cutting speed and domestic manufacture. While we were making our initial purchasing decision we were very impressed with the build quality of your machine, and the smoothness of the cutting stroke, especially compared to the machine that we retired.

Director of Project Engineering

Rubber Converter Company

One advantage of the Schwabe press is that it is very easy to set up because of the auto die height feature versus going inside the machine and adjusting the dials. Another advantage to the Schwabe press is the height of the machine makes it easier to load materials.

Site Supervisor

Major U.S. Foam Converter

Freeman Schwabe’s® side die loading feature has saved a lot of time in changeovers, our total setup is less than 5 minutes.

Manufacturing Manager

U.S. Paper Products Converter

Freeman Schwabe® introduced new technology that increases efficiency.

Vice President

Global Flooring Manufacturer

Overall very happy with the support we have received. Even on weekends when we have been in a pinch someone has always gotten back with us.

Process Improvement and Quality Manager

Global Packaging Solutions Corporation

Great company and great response.

Facilities Manager

Leading U.S. Envelope Company

We see increased production compared to our previous machines.

Vice President

Executive with Global Automotive Interior Supplier

Terrific product and a great team with very good support.


Material Converting Company

We like the people we are working with, good people, and are honest with the information they give us….great service and great support.  Our old machine we ran 75 to 85 cases a shift.  Now we run on average 250 per shift…this machine runs so much faster.