Photo of a Freeman Schwabe service technician wearing a blue shirt inspecting a machine


Freeman Schwabe® provides technical support services for all machines we manufacture. Our employees on average, have fifteen years of experience in industrial machinery and can quickly resolve any issues. Technical support services are handled over the phone, through remote connection to your machine, or a service technician visit.

Freeman Schwabe® also provides on-site training for your operators and annual maintenance of your machine.

Remote Service Capabilities

Freeman Schwabe® Industrial Die Cutting & Molding Presses come equipped with a remote access device that allows a secure connection between Freeman Schwabe® and your press.

The Ewon Cosy is an industrial remote access gateway that is designed to offer scalable and secure remote access to machines in the factory. This device allows Freeman Schwabe® to troubleshoot machines, debug PLC programs, upload projects, and gain remote control of an HMI or an IP camera, all without going on-site. This drastically reduces support costs.

The Ewon Cosy establishes a secure VPN connection from the machine to anywhere in the world via Talk2M, a cloud-based remote connectivity solution. The router seamlessly communicates on the local area network with the PLC and the HMI, and allows remote connection from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Ewon Cosy and Talk2M make connectivity easy and does not require the user to be an IT expert to take advantage of the time and cost saving advantages.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated WiFi or 4G Cellular options
  • Firewall friendly outbound connection
  • Standard ports used: 443 (HTTPS), 1194 (UDP)
  • Possible to configure the Digital Inputs to control internet connection with external key switch or to send alarm notification
  • SD card option for easy commissioning
  • USB connectivity for micro-PLCs
  • 24 VDC power supply and DIN rail mount
Photo of a Freeman Schwabe tech support agent wearing a black headset while typing on a laptop

Service & Maintenance Packages

Freeman Schwabe® offers comprehensive service packages to support your die press. For 1 Year, the service package will provide:

  • Unlimited Remote Technical Support via Phone & Email
  • Priority Service Scheduling
  • Reprogramming of PLC/HMI
  • 20% eWon Discount
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit where our technician will fully inspect your press as well as change the oil and filter, retrain operators, recommend replacement parts and much more. 
  • Unlimited Software Updates
  • Consumable Discounts – 10% on parts & 5% on cutting belts/surfaces.
  • Priority Dispatch/Shipment of Part

Suggested Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your Freeman Schwabe® Industrial Die Cutting & Molding Press is critical.  We strongly recommend the following procedures to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the die press.

Visually Inspect & Clean

(as required — periodically)

  • All chains and sprockets in the feed system (if applicable).
  • Hydraulic fittings & cylinders for leaks
  • Hydraulic hoses; check for wear patterns due to hose flexing and rubbing on fixtures or each other.
  • All electrical conduit & fittings.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Grease all moving parts of your press including the center guide, bearings and bushings, etc.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Check structural bolts and fixtures for proper torque throughout the machine; reference the Freeman Schwabe torque procedure in the press manual.
  • Check oil levels and visually inspect gearbox couplings.

As Recommended

(according to machine type — this information can be found in your press manual)

  • Change oil (taking into consideration special circumstances, factory atmosphere, types of material and usage of the press)
  • General cleaning of cutting bed area and feed systems from any material particles.
  • Periodically refill air system lubricators and empty water separators.