Photo of a Freeman Schwabe die press machine

Small Flat Bed Die Presses For Manual Applications

Model DG

The Freeman Schwabe® Small Format Flat Bed Press, Model DG, is a hydraulic up-stroking press that is ideal for through-cutting, kiss-cutting and molding/trimming programs. The small, efficient footprint is very robust with solid welded steel construction and is well-suited for sheeted materials. It can be equipped with heated platens and includes the ability to dwell with or without pressure. The Model DG is equipped with a single or double-sided manual sliding table or an option for power table.

Features & Options

  • Rigid box-style construction
  • Hydraulic, Up-stroking style
  • Built-in head and dwell control
  • Dual Cycle Start Button Activation with ATD (anti-tie down)
  • Capable of using multiple types of tooling
    • Steel Rule
    • Match Metal/Male Female
    • Flex Dies/Clicker Dies
  • Quick Change Tooling in less than 60 seconds
    • Hand Placed
    • Inverted
    • Head Mounted
  • Cutting Surfaces can be a plastic pad or steel plate
  • Heated Platen Option

Technical Specifications

Model Cutting Force Head & Bed Size (depth x width) Stroke (adjustable) Daylight Voltage
DG35 35 U.S. Tons 30”x34” 6” 8” 230V/460V
DG50 50 U.S. Tons 30”x34” 6” 8” 230V/460V
DG75 75 U.S. Tons 40”x40” 6” 8” 230V/460V

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Photo of a Freeman Schwabe die press machine

Cutting Materials

  • Bister Packaging
  • Foam
  • Leather
  • Magnets
  • Rubber
  • Spacer Mesh
  • Synthetic Fibers for Insulation & Sound Dampening
  • Vacuum Formed Plastics
  • Various Textiles & Non-Woven Materials

Market Applications

  • Automotive Molding, Trimming & Lamination
  • Batteries & Fuel Cells
  • Digital Graphic Printing
  • Film
  • Foam Packaging
  • Medical Devices
  • Printed Circuits/Electronics

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