Schwabe Die Presses

Schwabe Flat Bed Presses have been designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA since 1935. Working closely with our clients, we tailor the machine design around your specific needs and requirements in a consultative approach to achieve the optimal solution whether it be a simple manual press or a fully automatic press.

Schwabe Flat Bed Presses are available in sizes from 30” up to 144” and with cutting forces up to 2,500 tons. These presses can accommodate types of die such as but not excluded to steel rule, male/female, and tile. Press configurations can also include molding, trimming, or heated platens for die cut/heat seal applications.

All Schwabe Flat Bed Presses feature adjustable stroke control and offer convenient quick die change (QDC) capabilities. The design of the Schwabe Flat Bed Presses ensures parallelism between the cutting die and cutting surface which reduces tool wear providing superior finished part production.

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Types of Schwabe Presses

Large Flat Bed Die Presses For Automatic Applications

Model SR

The Large Flat Bed Die Press, Model SR, has a press structure that is simple with only three moving parts: the platen, center guide and hydraulic cylinder rods.

Photo of a Freeman Schwabe machine

Small Flat Bed Die Presses For Manual Applications

Model DG

The Small Flat Bed Die Press, Model DG, is a hydraulic up-stroking press that is ideal for through-cutting, kiss-cutting and molding/trimming programs.

Photo of a Freeman Schwabe press machine

Small Flat Bed Die Presses For Manual Applications

Model LAF

The Small Flat Bed Die Press, Model LAF, is a four-post press which is ideal for low-tonnage through-cutting, kiss-cutting, molding/trimming and lamination programs.

Servo Electric Flat Bed Press

Model SEP

The Model SEP is a four-post servo electric press featuring servo-driven precision for kiss-cutting as well as through-cutting.

Parts & Services

Schwabe After-Sales Services & Solutions

At Freeman Schwabe, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction whether you’re a new or long-time client. We take pride in our commitment to supporting customers throughout the life cycle of our equipment. Our parts & service department’s experience and knowledge of your equipment can quickly diagnose your issue and provide you with the necessary components to optimize press uptime.