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View our inventory of new, demo and used/rebuilt die cutting & molding presses. Buying from inventory is a great way to get a press into production quickly. If you are interested in any of our inventory, please contact us at +1 513-947-2888 or

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In-Stock Presses

In Stock – Ready for Immediate Delivery-Model SEP Servo Electric Press-30 U.S. Tons

Model SEP

Four-Post Servo Electric Press featuring servo-driven precision for Kiss-Cutting as well as Through-Cutting.

Electric Traveling Head by Ares (Italia) – Model E21G

Model E21G

The ARES electric traveling head presses is 30 metric tons without hydraulic oil, gasket, pump, motor or flywheel. The energy consumption of the E21G is 75% less than a traditional hydraulic press. The press comes equipped with remote control and assistance and operates at 0 decibels.

Photo of a Freeman Schwabe automatic traveling head hydraulic die press

Upstroking Receding Beam Presses by schoen + sandt

Multiple Models

German-engineered, universal hydraulic machine in a steel welded construction with outlying stop blocks and receding beam.

Beam Die Cutting Press

​Schwabe Model SR Flat Bed Die Cutting Press – 150 Tons

Model SR

Available for Delivery in August 2024

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Schwabe After-Sales Services & Solutions

At Freeman Schwabe, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction whether you’re a new or long-time client. We take pride in our commitment to supporting customers throughout the life cycle of our equipment. Our parts & service department’s experience and knowledge of your equipment can quickly diagnose your issue and provide you with the necessary components to optimize press uptime.