Why Choose Freeman Schwabe®?

Service. Expertise. Durability.


96% of press parts are commercially/domestically available.

100% of press software is written by our engineering team.

100% of service provided by Freeman Schwabe.


Since 2006, every Schwabe press has been built to meet each customer’s specific application.

We pioneered side die loading to increase your uptime. One client told us this feature increased their productivity by 12.5%.

8 = Average years of die cutting experience of our employees.

15 = Average years of experience with design/assembly of industrial machinery.​​


Every machine produced since 2010 is still in production.

An original Schwabe Model SR, which was built in 1985, is still in use today.

​Our warranty costs average less than 1%.

Photo of a Freeman Schwabe machine

About Freeman Schwabe®

Freeman Schwabe® Machinery was formed in August 2006 by Greg DeFisher as Owner/CEO, and who remains today in the same role. Freeman Schwabe® is located in Cincinnati, Ohio residing in a 30,000-square-foot climate-controlled manufacturing plant situated on ten acres of land. We design, engineer, and assemble our presses that are used for die cutting, molding/trimming, laminating, and embossing up to 2,500 tons. The power systems we build can be hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or servo-electric depending on your needs, preferences, or application requirements. We use a tailored approach along with our experience to build a system that meets your unique requirements. This is the Schwabe experience!

The materials that are processed on Schwabe presses are any non-metallic materials. Some of our key industries would include automotive trim and interiors, flooring, packaging, coated abrasives, gaskets, medical devices, consumer, agriculture, industrial, envelopes & paper.


Greg DeFisher


Brian Ford

Chief Financial Officer

Dylan Kattine

Head Of Sales

Nick Egbert

Head of Engineering

Tom Andrews

Head of Construction/Production


Freeman Schwabe® is committed to improving the sustainability of our company across our manufacturing process, our products, our suppliers and our customers. Freeman Schwabe® recognizes the fact that becoming sustainable is a long continuous process of improvement. Our climate-controlled factory was converted in 2019 to use 100% geothermal heating & cooling.


We recycle all scrap metals which include steel, aluminum, brass, etc. as well as paper, cardboard, plastic, printer cartridges, hydraulic oil, etc.

LED Lighting

Our Manufacturing campus which includes a 30,000-square-foot building nestled on 10 acres just East of downtown Cincinnati was converted to LED lighting in 2016.

Energy Efficiency

We installed new Energy Star windows in 2019 to meet the energy performance standards of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) across different energy metrics of efficiency

Long Term Sustainability Goal

Our long term goal for our corporate campus is for the buildings and manufacturing plant is to achieve Net Zero Energy and to be recognized as LEED Platinum certified.